A to Z Information Of French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is one of the best domestic dog breeds. The French Bulldog is made from the mix-up of Toy Bulldogs of England and the Ratter of Paris around the 18th Century. The French Bulldog is a most favorite dog breed in the united kingdom, the United States and Australia.

The French Bulldog Weight is around 25-28 pound according to The AKC Standard weight. Height is around 11-13 inches. Life Expectancy of The French Bulldog is 10-12 years. The French bulldog is playful, alert, adaptable, and completely irresistible. they belong to the non-sporting group of dog breeds.

They easily adaptable to the life of singles, couples, or families, and do not require a lot of outdoor exercises. They behave well with other animals and enjoy making new friends of the human variety. They can easily adapt to a stranger also. The French Bulldog has low health issues as compared to other breeds of dogs. The Frenchie will make you laugh. He’s a charming, clever dog with a sense of humor and a stubborn streak. Bred for centuries as a companion, he’s very fond of people and becomes particularly attached to his family.

The French Bulldog play tends to be on the destructive side. The dogs enjoy mauling their toys, performing “squeakerectomies” and playing keep-away with each other’s toys. Avoid giving them toys on which they could choke, such as rawhide’s, pig ears, and dental chews. They’re also fond of hiding things and making their people search for them.

Physical Characteristic of French Bulldog

  1. Length is Short
  2. Face is Flat
  3. Color of French Bulldog is Black with or without white, fawn, white
  4. Grooming Need for a french bulldog is moderate
  5. Height at Withers for Male French Bulldog is 12-inch & for Female is 11 in.
  6. Features are Brachycephalic (squashed face), short bowed legs. Upright ears (naturally)
  7. Energy Level of the french bulldog is Average
  8. They have High Tendency to Drool and Snore
  9. Tendency To Dig is low in the French Bulldog
  10. Tendency To Bark is low

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